The BSG Points Cost per Art Type:

  • Type: Sketch

    Points: 450

  • Type: Avatar/Social Icon

    Points: 750

  • Type: Signature (depends on if it's animated or not)

    Points: 750-1350

  • Type: Youtube Intro

    Points: 1500

  • Type: Youtube Background

    Points: 750-1000

  • Type: Personal Character

    Points: 750

  • Type: Custom

    Points: Varies

Talking to the artist first is always preferred so that you can make your final decision. The artist will let you know a time-window of when your art will be finished per project, as each one is different and life can be more hectic at certain times. You are always welcome, of course, to ask about progress and how long it may take and the artist will be more than happy to let you know. You can always ask them for a custom art-type as long as you discuss it with them first and they will discuss a BSG Points price with you.