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Mitchneret 100 November 10, 2017
brianjr91 200 November 10, 2017
Hunter_The_Memelord 50 November 10, 2017
hanginwithhernadez 100 November 10, 2017
scrsy 100 November 10, 2017
XIII 150 November 10, 2017
chrisv2311 150 November 10, 2017
CrackedCoconut 150 November 10, 2017
Platinum Wolf 150 November 10, 2017
Flat Foot Fred 150 November 10, 2017

You cannot trade your points with other members.
BSG Points won't expire, so feel free to save up your BSG Points.
BSG Points will not be rewarded every game that you play.
The staff member will say before the game starts if a game will qualify toward earning BSG Points.
Any admin can award you BSG Points.
Ch3rry will handle all prize redemption.
If you want to redeem a prize, talk to ch3rry!
You may have to wait to receive your prize.
Different types of prizes are awarded differently.
Read more about the Prizes and BSG Points through our Prizes section of the site.
For more elaboration on the rules, click here.
Thank you! - The BSG Staff