What are BSG Points?

BSG Points are BlackStarGaming Points and currency and are awarded when you win games, contests, and tournaments specified to qualify you to win BSG Points. You can use these to redeem prizes.

How do I earn BSG Points?

You earn BSG Points by winning games that qualify for BSG Points rewards and in tournaments.

How do I know how many BSG Points I have?

If you go to the BSG Points Table which you can find in the navbar of most of our site's pages, you can see everyone's points listed there along with when the BSG Points were updated for you (or the person that you're looking up).

How do I claim prizes with my BSG Points?

You claim prizes by checking out the Prizes Page and seeing if you can find a prize you want. If you find a prize you want and you have enough BSG Points to redeem it, you can talk to ch3rry.

  • You *cannot* trade your points with other members.
  • BSG Points won't expire, so feel free to save up your BSG Points.
  • BSG Points *will not* be rewarded every game that you play.
  • The staff member will say before the game starts if a game will qualify toward earning BSG Points.
  • Any admin can award you BSG Points.
  • For now, ch3rry will handle all prize redemption. Therefore if you want to redeem a prize, talk to ch3rry!
  • You may have to wait to receive your prize.
  • Different types of prizes are awarded differently.

Game Prizes

  • The games will each list the number of BSG Points required to redeem and the Method in which you will receive the game.
  • If the game method is a steam key, there's a *slight* chance that the steam key will not work.
  • If for some reason a game isn't redeemable by you, then you can always select another prize.
  • If the game method is a gift, then you will need to provide your email for us to send your gift or be a friend of ch3rry's on steam.
  • Most games are for the steam client.

Art Prizes

  • There is no set time for the artist to finish their project.
  • The artist will talk with you and give you a timeframe in which they will finish the art project.
  • Each artist offers different types of art projects, not just style differences so make sure you visit each artist's page to see what they offer.
  • The artists are usually willing to talk about a custom type of art project that isn't listed if you discuss it with them first.
  • Each artist will try to make you something you will want and like but if for some reason you don't, you will not get your BSG Points back.
  • You will only be refunded your BSG Points if you never receive your prize.

Miscellaneous Prizes

  • You can only have 5 teamspeak3 icons active at a time.
  • We will keep track of your teamspeak3 icons for if you want to change them in and out.
  • We will not constantly change your icons around.

Game Type

BSG Points Awarded

Large Tournaments

1st Place Winner 500 BSG Points
2nd Place Winner 300 BSG Points
3rd Place Winner 150 BSG Points

Small Tournaments

1st Place Winner 200 BSG Points
2nd Place Winner 100 BSG Points
3rd Place Winner 50 BSG Points

Trivia Winner

100 BSG Points

Tabletop Game Winner

50 BSG Points

Clip of the Week Winner

150 BSG Points